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JIYUGAOKA × Mystery solving


Detective Whiprun

Mysterious title of the disappeared shop

Among those who solved all the mysteries
Give away prizes by lottery


This is Jiyugaoka's Whip Run Detective Agency, where you work as an assistant.
One day in December, a client who called himself Noel came to visit.
The request is to open a box that was left behind by his grandmother.
Apparently, you have to solve a mystery to unlock the box.

You solved the mystery of the box and opened it together with Detective Whiprun.
However, the mystery was not over yet.
In order to solve the continuation of the mystery, it seems that it is necessary to visit the ``disappeared shop'' in Jiyugaoka.

Why did the grandmother leave a mystery to Noel?
And what exactly is the “disappeared shop”?
I decided to go around Jiyugaoka to find out the truth.

Jiyugaoka Mystery Solving Project_Poster

Open PDF(1.1MB)

Get ready to solve the mystery

Things necessary

  • Smartphones, tablets, and some tablet PCs that can connect to the Internet

  • LINE app *A LINE account is required to participate in order to send keywords. *You must register as a friend of this event's official LINE account (JIYUGAOKA × ●● × ASA).


←Add friend

Search location

Around Jiyugaoka (Nearest station: Tokyu Toyoko Line/Tokyu Oimachi Line Jiyugaoka Station)

Time required to solve the puzzle

Approximately 45 minutes

Entry fee


how to play

01:Register as a friend on LINE

Register on the official LINE (JIYUGAOKA × ●● × ASA) and enter the keyword “Detective Whip Run”


←Add friend

02: Let's start solving the mystery!

Read the story and solve the mystery with Whiprun!



03:Actually GO!

Go to real locations and look for clues to solve the mystery!

04: Send your answer to LINE!

Report your answers to the official LINE and advance the story!

05: Apply for prizes!

Read the epilogue, fill out the required information and questionnaire in the form sent to you, and apply for the prize!


  • Please refrain from solving riddles or using your smartphone while walking as it is extremely dangerous.

  • To participate, you will need a device such as a smartphone with an internet connection, the installation of the LINE app, and an account.

  • During the event period, you can pick up where you left off and solve the puzzles at any time.

  • Customers are responsible for communication charges for Internet connection and transportation costs for traveling.

  • Please do not publish any content that could be a spoiler for this event on SNS, blogs, etc.

  • There are no mysteries that can be solved by moving or breaking things.

  • Restricted areas, paid facilities, private land, and inside buildings are not included in the scope of exploration.

  • Please do not attempt to solve riddles at night, during stormy weather such as a typhoon, or in any other situation where you or others may be deemed to be in danger.

  • Please understand that you will be personally responsible for any accidents, injuries, property damage, etc. that may occur while participating in this event.

  • The supporting store STAP does not know the answer to the mystery. If you have any difficulty, please check the official account for hints. For inquiries, please use the dedicated form.

  • Please enjoy your shopping, sightseeing, etc. without disturbing others.

  • Events may be canceled or the contents may change without notice.


For inquiries, please contact us using the dedicated form.

Please note that we do not have a telephone contact point for inquiries.

Sponsored by: Asahi Shimbun ASA Jiyugaoka

Sponsored by: Tamagawa Rice Mill, Toy Mommy, Fave Jiyugaoka, Riga Collection, Mikadoya Jiyugaoka Store

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