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We deliver various content such as recipe quizzes and coloring books every month!

Take this month's sweets quiz!

March Beginners Quiz

Quizzes on recipes are updated monthly!
Enjoyable for both children and adults!

This month's "Sweets Quiz"! ! !


Let's play with coloring! (Updated on hiatus)


Chef Tsujiguchi has created a coloring book based on the drawings he draws when making sweets! Color it yourself and create your own original sweets!

What color sweets will you make?
Let's make your one and only sweets in the world! !

Make your own cake!

decorated cake

Decide on your own theme and create a one-of-a-kind cake! Think of yourself as a patissier and draw what kind of cake you would like to eat, when, and with whom!

Try making a “thank you cake” for your mom or a “reward cake for studying hard” for yourself!


Take this month's quiz!


Click here to download and print

Let's complete the cake by coloring the illustration drawn by Chef Tsujiguchi! !


Make your own cake!

decoration cake.jpg

What kind of cake can you make?

Choose your own theme and make your one-of-a-kind cake! Think about when, with whom, and what kind of cake you would like to eat, pretending to be a pastry chef!

Click here to download and print

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