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Sweets education with videos

Let's all aim for it!

sweets master
creativity, etiquette, planning skills, action skills, and hygiene skills.
Learn through making sweets!
That's Sweets Master!
Experience sweets education through the video and put it into practice!
The road to becoming a sweets master
Let's make sweets keeping in mind what we learned in the video!
Chef Tsujiguchi
Sweets Master Column
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What is Sweets Education?

A program that helps children grow through making actual sweets!
There are various stages in making sweets, such as thinking about the person you are making it for, finding the ingredients, and considering hygiene and setup. The core of sweets education is to bring out children's ability to think and live through making sweets, and to develop them into human resources who can contribute to society by giving them a successful experience of being pleased and praised by others.

In Sweets Education ``Let's all aim to be Sweets Masters'', after the introduction, you can experience sweets education divided into 6 parts!

  1. Prologue/Imagination (Released on December 15th)

  2. Etiquette Edition (Released on January 15th)

  3. Planning ability/action ability (released on January 15th)

  4. Hygiene Power Edition (Released on February 15th)

  5. Summary (released on February 15th)

  6. Chef Tsujiguchi's message (released on February 15th)

Chef Tsujiguchi and Sweets Master Team
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