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For those who care about their health
Mont St. Clair ✕ Morita Farm ✕ Jiyugaoka Clinic
Introducing collaboration sweets


Limited time release

“A healthy cake made with sugar-free fermented red beans”
Mont St. Clair x Morita Farm x Jiyugaoka Clinic x Industrial Management University

Today, many people are concerned about their health. For this reason, some people may be holding back on sweets or eating them while feeling uneasy about their sugar intake.

Based on this realization, we wanted to create sweets that even health-conscious people can easily eat, based on the concept of "creating a future where people can eat sweets with peace of mind.

The result is "Alicorouge.
The main ingredient is "fermented azuki" beans, which are produced by Morita Farm in Tokachi, Hokkaido, and are sugar-free but have a gentle sweetness brought out by the power of fermentation.
These ingredients are selected one by one from the many azuki beans grown on the vast farms of Hokkaido.
Furthermore, by eating them, beauty effects such as regulating the intestinal environment and preventing rough skin can be expected.
Mont St. Clair, the doctors at Jiyugaoka Clinic, and Sanno University of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Sciences had one desire to "create a health-conscious sweet" using "fermented azuki beans," and their collaboration led to the realization of a healthy sweet with a low sugar content.
This Japanese petit gâteau highlights the gentle sweetness of fermented azuki beans.
The surprisingly light texture makes this a sweet that can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

This product will only be available for a limited time, so please be sure to purchase it at Mont St. Clair stores.

- Message -
from Mont St. Clair

A healthful cake made with sugar-free fermented azuki beans

This sweet was created by students of Sanno University, who were taking a class on sweets promotion with the theme of "energizing people and society with sweets. This product is the result of a collaboration between Mont St. Clair, Morita Farm, Jiyugaoka Clinic, and Sanno University.

The main ingredient is "fermented azuki beans" from Morita Farm in Tokachi, Hokkaido.
This sweet bean paste is sugar-free, but has a gentle sweetness brought out by the power of fermentation.
This is a gem filled with the passion and care of Morita Farms, which selects each bean from its vast farm in Hokkaido.

Alicorouge" was created with these fermented azuki beans as the main ingredient.
This petit gâteau with a Japanese taste is made to highlight the sweetness of fermented azuki beans while keeping calories and sugar content to a minimum.
A biscuit dough with a light texture made with brown sugar is layered with a ganache made with high cocoa chocolate and fermented azuki beans, and a smooth cream made with soy milk cream and fermented azuki beans only.
Finally, a mizuyokan made from fermented azuki beans and a small amount of brown sugar was placed on top like a glaze.

The Jiyugaoka Clinic provided us with the opportunity to supervise this product.
The supervision made it possible for customers to enjoy this product with peace of mind.
This is a health-friendly sweet that can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

メッセージ fromモンサンクレール
メッセージ from自由が丘クリニック

- Message -
from Jiyugaoka Clinic (Supervision)

In recent years, health consciousness has spread to many people, and I feel that people are becoming very concerned about what not to eat.
This "what not to eat" is of course important, but at the same time, "what to eat" is also very important.
W H O warns that dietary patterns are changing due to increased production of processed foods, rapid urbanization, and changing lifestyles. He also points out that many people are not eating enough fiber.
Specifically, he recommends consuming fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and whole grains.
Red beans are a legume rich in fiber. In medicinal herbs, azuki beans have been eaten since ancient times for their effectiveness in swelling and detoxification.
Furthermore, rice koji, which is used to ferment azuki beans, is an ingredient that regulates the intestinal environment. By increasing the amount of good bacteria in the intestines, it helps maintain health by improving immunity and bowel movements.
In addition, by relieving constipation, it helps to eliminate waste in the body and has a beautifying effect, such as preventing rough skin.
Brown sugar and honey are used as sweeteners. Minerals, including iron and zinc, which are said to be particularly lacking in modern women, are also reinforced.
This is a sweet packed with nutrients that will please both mind and body.

Product details and sales information


Sales place

Mont St.Clair Mont St.Clair

2-22-4 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-0035
Business hours: 11:00-18:00 [Short hours open]
Salon seating: 16 seats (7 tables)

Train: 10 minutes walk from the front exit of Jiyugaoka Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line
Bus: Take the Tokyu bus bound for "Shibuya Station" or "Denenchofu Station" and get off at the "Yakumo Sanchome" or "Jiyugaoka Gakuen" bus stop.
Parking lot: 4 cars

Alico Rouge has been discontinued due to popular demand.

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